Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Clocking In A daily look at the #workplace of the #future…MIT @TechReview

On how emerging technology is shaping the future of work, from the MIT Technology Review. If you have a premonition, send Tech Review your ideas.  Today read how billions of dollars are being stolen from US workers, excerpted from 5.22.18 issue of Clocking In

❝Digital punch clocks are stealing time

new paper in the American Business Law Journal has found that software used for tracking employees’ work hours is keeping them from getting the pay they deserve.
The sources of theft: University of Oregon associate professor Elizabeth Tippet found three ways time tracking programs can be used to steal from workers:
  1. Rounding: The software adjusts work times into nice, clean, usually 15-minute increments. That can short workers a few minutes a day, which adds up over time.
  2. Automatically deducting breaks: Half-hour breaks are removed from employees’ time, even if the break wasn’t taken. This is especially harmful to medical professionals, who often spend free moments with patients.
  3. Time shaving: This is the most egregious. Some supervisors manually reduce the number of hours worked on an employee’s timesheet. It’s illegal, but it’s also hard to spot.
The scaleThe Economic Policy Institute found US workers are undercut by more than $15 billion in wages annually.

The solution: Tippet recommended banning automatic break deduction, and asking the government to impose large fines in cases of time shaving. If nothing is done, hourly workers will continue to lose out.❞

More on the history of time keeping.  The next post in newsletters series will depend on what lands in my email inbox. 

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