Sunday, July 19, 2009

UI for adjuncts

Below's a handy reference. Anecdotally, successfully filing for (claiming) unemployment benefits can be an iffy affair, even within a single state: sometimes a contract for fall, e.g., can be interepreted as "reasonable assurance of future employment," which is the language of current Labor Law in New York state, so written to prevent schoolteachers who really DO have such assurance from trying to collect. In New York State now, as in other states, legislation specifically aimed at allowing contingent higher-education faculty to qualify for benefits during summer and winter breaks -- regardless of appointments that are contingent upon enrollment -- has been introduced. Meanwhile, this state's online unemployment filing system asks specific questions about higher-education faculty -- why, if we're claiming, we think our future contracts doubtful -- and some payment is being made, even without the legislation.

"Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Contingent Faculty", by 
Berry, Stewart and Worthen, published by Chicago COCAL, 2008. Order
from Email or call number above for bulk orders.
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