Tuesday, March 31, 2015

return of the dilatory #adjunct blogger…redux

…my last post here, March 4, signaled a return to a blogging routine that dipped during the buildup National Adjunct Walkout Day (and week and all the other names it went by) that did not happen, at least not here, on this specific blog, one of many. It happened on the others: check the feeds on the sidebars and at the bottom of the page. Content is continually refreshed but does not show up on feeds or appear on social media…there but invisible. How very adjunctly. If it's not Facebook, it didn't happen.
to and during

Recurring "going out of business" sales and comeback tours come to mind. Here's hoping this is neither. Just in case though, I'm introducing #returnredux tag. The month of March was like being there while not being there. I needed a longer NAWD recovery period than anticipated. Then came après NAWD recovery. A Rashomon Effect post is in the works. And others. #afterNAWD is, after all, the new NAWD genre.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#NAWD endnotes…resuming regular blogging #afterNAWD

…and the intense experience of participation and immersion in social and digital media surrounding what was an epic event. Everything else, including this blog. went on hiatus or minimal maintenance, depending on how involved it was with event support and coverage. Stories and posts are still coming in. The National Adjunct Walkout Day Tumbler is still open and accepting submissions.

In addition to processing submissions. I'm still sorting and organizing -- literally -- hundreds of NAWD related links on OneTab, bookmarking permanent link bundles and individual links to Diigo. The last bundle bookmarked is dated January 30, 2014, which should give you some idea just how far behind I am processing those links. It's an easy guess falling behind bookmarking coincided with starting the Tumblr and social media traffic picking up. Links saved to OneTab but not bookmarked to Diigo are current.

There's more ~ we are all still processing the experience and thinking on post NAWD directions. I've got all those links -- a independent history -- that I want to organize into events, resources, media (multiple categories), blog posts, videos, Storifys, graphics -- even by region --- and all public. But that could take a while, and it's time to pick up the threads on other projects (including blogging more regularly). For now, I need to save the bundles to permanent public pages and bookmark them.

Here's just a small sample of the link bounty,
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