Saturday, November 7, 2015

a potpourri of intentions, including #DigiWriMo

…always good, more often paving stones and cul de sacs. Walking the road, we make it: if not, then not. 

Looking at the date on the last post this morning, I realized it's coming on two weeks between posts. October been a busy month, with #CEW2015, a month of social justice actions and a handful of conferences behind us.

In drafts, I have three different Campus Equity Week posts: two farewell posts (random observations and link bundles) and one about sausage making for the CEW Archive Project (2001-2015 ~ not limited to this year's event). My intention is to explain the process as clearly as possible: it's a fishing lesson too. The more of us collecting and sharing information the better. During CEW, I ran the archive feed here, at the top of the left sidebar, but recently changed it out for "adjunct" with the intention of rotating topics.
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