Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bienvenidos, Southwest #Adjunct #Roadrunners

…to our Virtual #CEW2013 Meetup. Beep Beep!  As you know, we are embarking on an experiment of sorts to begin with. Nobody has put on this kind of Campus Equity Week event. Ever! 

Are you getting curious? Take a look at the practice area ChatRoll module we set up on the Virtual Meetups  page. The  meeting will be just like it except for the name of the chat area.

#CEW2013 pushed us into it, but now we’re psyched, and I am learning a lot, since I am the tech novice, the intern around these parts! But how nice to be the apprentice to a real master, someone who teaches me the ropes while being my colleague and friend, and not telling me, as many schools do, that we are so valuable, that they cannot do anything without us, yet where is our recompense? Unlike Higher Ed, during this jammin’ session, we are all one. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome to Virtual MeetUps Grand Opening

…& other #CEW2013 happenings, projects, ideas. SW #adjuncts aka Roadrunners are making today's grand entrance, not as post but the page hosting the Roadrunner shindig, what the greenhorns back east would call a Campus Equity Week Event. It's multi-state for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma (because out here in the west where horizons are large and campuses more distant, they do things big). Visitors welcome.

There's more today but I'll keep it short, save for coming posts. It will be a busy week. NFM wants to add more CEW blogging to it. There have been Twitter calls to bloggers for CEW posts and will be another here. Here's the short version. Blogging about Campus Equity Week is a another way to participate.

Monday, October 7, 2013

blogging #CEW2013

Joe Berry, CEW 2001, Workplace
…& back to my resolution to blog more now that Campus Equity Week is bearing down on me. This year it is a well oiled, well funded machine spewing out links, resources, events, and so on to be shared, re-posted, RT'd, turned into blog fodder. I can pawn some but not all off on other social media and ever trusty syndication. As sponsoring organization, the New Faculty Majority's still official blog has a feed on the CEW page. With that comes obligation. Obviously, I need a blogging plan to make it through the month - one that does not no point in duplicate. No point in that. Here's what I have in mind:
CEW 2001, Workplace
  • personal reflections on CEW experiences; 
  • integrating, weaving together, the many threads
  • highlighting events and activities; 
  • noting key issues
  • looking out for orphans
  • revisiting past CEW activities and events; 
  • lots of pictures
  • reviewing the history of Campus Equity Week and Fair Employment Week (Canada);
  • covering the coverage
  • looking forward
Even with ramped up CEW blogging, I will have to blog like one possessed to make a decent showing for the year. Deadlines and challenges can help. Let this be one that does...

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