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…links and information about precarious or sessional faculty in Canada. Although there Canada has national higher education faculty and staffing unions, provinces are autonomous. Conditions will not be same from one to another. Thanks to the VCC Faculty Association, Vancouver Community College, is probably the best place in the entire hemisphere for sessional faculty to work. Ironically, it is adjacent to possibly the worst province. VCCFA is a member of FIPSE


The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (formerly the College Institute Educators’ Association of BC) is a federation of independent unions representing more than 8,000 faculty and staff in colleges, university colleges and institutes, and in the private sector in British Columbia, Canada. They offer services, advocacy and information for members, and information and analysis about post-secondary education for members and the general public.


The Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ) was founded in 1969. There are 91 affiliated unions, which represent nearly 33,000 members in 46 CEGEPs, 36 private institutions (including colleges), and thousands of members at a dozen universities: nine unions of lecturers, including the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill, the tutors at Télé-Université and the course lecturers at the École de technologie supérieure (ETS). FNEEQ covers all levels of teaching in both the public and private sectors. It is the most representative union organization for higher learning in Quebec.


Canadian Association of University Teachers. Founded in 1951, CAUT is the national voice for academic staff. Represents 30000 teachers, librarians, researchers and other academic professionals. Fairness for Contract Academic Staff is the section for sessionals


The Canadian Association of Precarious Academic Workers ~ @CAPAWca ~ is a national association dedicated to awareness and fairness for all precarious part-time academics
The Canadian Association of Precarious Academic Workers (CAPAW) is in the process of organizing itself as a non-profit lobby and information group representing part-time faculty (sessionals or adjuncts off the tenure-track). Our mandate is to engage the public through awareness campaigns, collect data on precarious academic workers not supplied by employers, and work towards lobbying at all relevant levels of government in advocating for: 
1. Equal pay for equal work  
2. Job security and definitive forms of career advancement  
3. Increased unionization (Joint or Independent)  
4. Effective policy analysis and implementation 
CAPAW also invites testimonials by precarious academics, as well as studies that can be disseminated to the public, policy makers, and the entire membership. 
Membership to CAPAW does not include any fees. All precarious academic workers are welcome to join and, ideally, participate in a nation-wide mobilization effort to bring these important issues to light. In order to maintain effective workflow, once we have sufficient members, we will be holding an election for an official Executive that will oversee a variety of committees at the national and provincial level. 


Canadian Union of Public Employees, including in Post-Secondary Education

Sessionals, up close (UA/AU)

By Moira McDonald, January 9, 2013. Sessional instructors are now a crucial part of the teaching equation at most Canadian universities. Some say it’s time to include them more fully in the life of the institution.

Contractually bound

University Affairs now has a new space for adjunct faculty: a column by and for sessional faculty on planning, collaboration, and other issues of importance to contract faculty in Canada

More from UA/AU on Sessionals

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