Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A new social network for academic action

This social network website, UC Walkout, is a place for gathering materials about the UC Walkout on Set.24th, and beyond. You are invited to join and post your own photos, videos, blog posts, etc. 

Moderator's Note: I will moderate posts generously and for appropriateness only, and welcome all political positions on this crisis; my goal is to make information available in support of informed discussion.

Dr A's blog post: 'Blurb From TIME's Coverage'
Blogs with posts like this one are just one of the many features / resources at UC WalkOut

Blurb From TIME's Coverage

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Labor Statistics and You

Matt Williams, VP of the New Faculty Majority Coalition for Contingent and Adjunct Equity, found the Bureau of Labor Statistics website entry for "Teachers - Postsecondary":

But faculty salary and other estimates there don't jibe with many contingent faculty's experience, as Matt points out. If yours differs and you'd like to let the good Bureau know, go to:

No guarantee what effect we can have (so far, no answer from Secretary of Labor Solis to the letter of August 2 posted below), but it might be worth pointing out that some 800,000 of us are contingent, that AFT and AAUP estimate we make a quarter of what our tenured peers make, that we teach some 49% of undergraduate courses in public institutions nationwide, etc. Comb some of the Resource posts below for your own counter-stats to send -- by post or email -- to the address on the link above.

in solidarity,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now nationwide

Today’s the much-anticipated launch of the NEW FACULTY MAJORITY: A NATIONAL COALITION FOR ADJUNCT AND CONTINGENT EQUITY’s web site. See it at and see articles on its two energetic vice presidents in today’s edition of the two primary higher-education trade journals in the country, the CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION and INSIDE HIGHER ED, at these links:
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