Friday, July 17, 2015

Reading from #adjunct, #EdBlogNet, etc blogs…featuring @PlashingVole on public #media #education

…and more from the PF blogrolls including (but hardly limited to) Dave Greene on How AFT blew it, Rich Moser on The Green Party and the 2016 Election, Bryan Alexander on How students choose majors during recessions and Steven Krause on Twitter, tenure and what students don't know (nor the general public either). All domestic...

The vole's Bye Bye Beeb takes it global, addresses #ShockDoctrine too in case anyone has been sleeping through the international news and still doesn't realize all the assaults on public education or anything smacking of the public good are happening everywhere. 

The Plashing Vole writes:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

oh noes not more #COCAL_Updates, #archives & #adjunct ppl who just don't get it

Time to move on. That's why I did (please read my December 2013 statement). The collected Precarious Faculty pages, blogs, collections (manually curated, aggregated by algorithm or a combination thereof), and social media streams/platforms — not just this blog — are an independent information network. Obviously, that mean unaffiliated with any organization or group and working independently. Nor are areas of interest narrowly limited to adjunct advocacy. The "information" part comes from a firm conviction that being well informed -- and informing well -- are the best defenses in our mental arsenal.

But first, as I promised Joe, I'm working on the archives. It's still a work in progress, but here's where I am so far:
  • The separate Precarity Dispatches Tumblr page lists all the links to public locations. There still is no Tumblr tag feed for Updates as the tag is still giving me fits. 
  • The next link, the complete InoReader clip, displays all Updates with feeds from all public locations, with them most recent displaying at the top and updating automatically. Searching older posts is less convenient. 
  • The rest of the links in the first section go directly to Updates collections at individual locations
  • Following the comprehensive list of public archive links, the next group of links are to posts about Updates and archiving them.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A call for public #adjunct discussion of #COCAL_Updates + Sunday Matinee

…because reactions to "adios Updates" post are not landing in comments on blog post or social media. Although about making resources public and open, comments and discussion have not been. Likewise, the original notice (" addition to Joe Berry’s regular COCAL updates"), posted publicly went without comment.

On Facebook, discussion appears to be 100% backchannel via pm and closed group -- or groups. Elsewhere, I have no idea, but transparency and open discussion would be more productive. So I'm working on an "Updates Update" Precarity Dispatches post to clarify and (I hope) encourage open discussion, even volunteers for a collaborative Updates Archive Project

Friday, July 3, 2015

the #adjunct blogging #happydance gif post

…animated no less: +Laura Gibbs, you've been warned…

Dancing Laurel & Hardy
I've been looking for just the right "happy dance" animated gif to celebrate COCAL Updates moving from Precarity Dispatches to a new home online at Majority Rules, NFM's long overdue but finally launched blog. Two Updates, here and here,  have already been posted. That's another happy dance occasion. Another gif?

These express both the gravitas of the occasion and my own jubilant relief.

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