precarious faculty rising: we know who we are and what precarious mean so I don't have to explain that…at least not here and now. Instead, allow me to offer a few words about this blog's once and future purpose, with the caveat that they will change as purpose emerges and evolves. In lieu of a more developed statement of purpose, the short version is that this blog and set of pages will be an independent space open to different perspectives and voices on higher education, precarious academic and other labor, especially for the otherwise unaffiliated. My personal bogging manifesto statement, general and applying to all my blogs, is:

…a few more words about the history of the blog formerly known (briefly) as New Faculty Majority Day, started by Steve Street to support Bob Samuels' New Majority Faculty Day (April 30, 2008-9). It was a good idea that, unfortunately, didn't take as an event but spawned at least two enduring blogs that followed different but related paths: this one and Bob Samuels' Changing Universities, which, as the linked post shows, also started as a blog for his event.

From March 2009- December 2013, this one served as The New Faculty Majority blog for the New Faculty Majority. Posting a few comments got me started blogging here and becoming active in NFM. Steve invited me to be a guest contributor, recommended me for the board, and, not a blogger at heart and in failing health, published a total of 15 posts through October 2009 before turning full blog admin over to me. Out of close to 600 posts since March 2009, less than 10 are by other others, including but not limited to board members listed as contributors.

Recently, this corner of my digital identity took a swerve. The resulting change in direction resulted in changing the name from The New Faculty Majority to precarious faculty—a new faculty majority (with a brief stop at blogging a new faculty majority) to mitigate inevitable confusion.

Under whatever name/s, at whatever addresses... let the conversation/s continue because...


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  1. Thank you for focusing on this issue. I once figured adjunct pay at $3.50/hour.


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