Friday, February 17, 2012

Sue Doe's Testimony on Adjunct issues at Colorado General Assembly

This is about the proposed Fischer Legislation, in Colorado, which would in Dr. Doe's words, result in real benefits for adcons, in time, as institutions do the right thing, "take the plunge, make a five-year commitment, and reap the benefits of a more secure teaching faculty."

Wonderful testimony about our issues. Congratulations, Sue. Let's get some comments up.

And have a look at this bill.

Let's be into everything. Now is our time. Again, thank you, Sue.

UPDATE: Sue Doe writes with the following: "I have to correct the record a bit in terms of the House Bill. I didn't testify the way that Don Eron and Suzanne Hudson (CU-Boulder) and Ray Hogler (CSU) did, which was in the actual Colorado House chambers. I was insufficiently courageous for that. I just sent in my written testimony!  Ray Hogler, Don Eron, Suzanne Hudson and Representative Fischer are the people who showed the real guts. You may have met Ray at the Summit and you may know Don and Suzanne from their work with AAUP on the notion of teaching tenure."

Thanks for that, Sue—but we're still marking yours as more than sufficient, and we're glad to have everyone else here to be congratulated as well, on their courage, commitment and vision. 


  1. I'm impressed by this bill, but I'm wondering about five years. Some schools have a limit of teaching there for six years. Does anyone know the rationale behind the choice of "five." I'm thankful for it--don't get me wrong!

    I'm Karen Madison--can't figure out how to post my name other than "anonymous."

  2. Let's check that out-we're all for real names here. And thanks for the comment—don;t know the story on the number of years, anybody out there know?
    Alan Trevithick

  3. @Alan (who used to blog and post as Ethan), I suspect it is more of problem navigating the comment as menu. That's a common problem even with experienced bloggers. If you have a Blogger account and are logged in, your account name displays as default. If not, that may be the default.

    @Karen, pull down the menu for more options: name/url; Open ID; LiveJournal; WordPress; AIM

    If we were all for "real names," there would be no "anonymous" option. That is a personal decision each makes. All I ask is that anyone commenting not abuse it. No one has. Whoever needs anonymity to feel safe expressing an opinion or telling their story, has it here.

    Karen, good question, I hope we get some good answers. If not, we should go looking for them.

    1. Should have been more clear-all for real names when folks want to leave them. (In some cases, Like Dean Dad, I'm just for a real name, but never mind that now-"anonymous" is a good option for some folks.)

    2. Not like the Dean is up for not-rehiring.

  4. A moderate correction for the record: as to testifying on the House Bill, Sue Doe advises that she didn't testify in the actual Colorado House chambers like Don Eron and Suzanne Hudson (CU-Boulder) and Ray Hogler (CSU) did, but submitted written testimony.

  5. Still impressive - getting out there and putting her name on it. Isn't Don Eron standing for election to the AAUP board?


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