Friday, March 28, 2014

#adjunct protest + a call for selfies

 that would be Mary Faith Cerasoli's one-woman protest in Albany, the one Frank Reiser blogged, got activists (including but not limited to Keith Hoeller, Peter Brown and Anna Spiro), charged up on adj-l and involved getting coverage. That worked:"Without Tenure or a Home" by Cory Kilgannon, appeared in the NY Times. The story took off on social media. Then PBS showed up in Albany, filmed and wants more. So here's TL MackPico's Mary Faith update, with a call for selfies. In TL 's own write:
Mary Faith is on her way back to NYC. I just spoke to the PBS producer and told them how core activists were inspired by MF, live tweeting while she was doing her action and sending similar signs/selfies saying they support MF and where they teach from all over the country 
PBS now wants to pair MF's action/story with all of ours. I need more selfie signs to send them tonight! Can all of you get those? Please get this out everywhere ASAP. Send photos to 
Please reach out everywhere -- get your adjunct networks, groups, colleagues to make selfies and send them to my email As quickly as we can get them from as many as we can muster! This is a tremendous opportunity for the movement. 
Include these 3 pieces of info: I am Prof/Dr ...; I support MF; and location. Please make sure we get locations to stress how far apart we are. For example: "We are all Mary-Faith: exploited professors standing as One: Chicago, Illinois, Dr of English" + selfie (and similar variations) 
The producer is working with both of us. We have signed permissions, so if you can just get them to me that should work. I relayed the story of the movement's outpouring, pitching that folks  from all over countrywere sending signage supporting MF. That got all their interest, and they want to use it with what MF did today to show how widespread adjunct faculty exploitation is

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