Saturday, October 15, 2016

some changes, briefly

If you haven't been by the blog lately, surf by and check out the changes, mostly updating and rearranging sidebar gadgets. I added Academic Labor to the sidebar. But there are other changes...

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Content was not current or updating for Labor News either, so I changed out the Blogger tool for a more reliable feed widget. The feeds for both are from my InoReader folders. Adjunct News already has its own page on the blog. All of these and the Reading Room refresh content automatically when content is added by feed or manually by me. There is always something new here even between posts. The same goes for Adjunct Justice with an Ayotzinapa Matters page and Immigration feed display on the sidebar.

I spend more time curating, organizing and archiving than blogging or chasing social media. All that content is public: distribution, the next stage, takes precedence over blogging. This turn to informationist was how #NAWD aka National Adjunct Walkout Day (digital archive here) changed me. That turn may have contributed the stalled blogging. At least I stuck around and kept on in my own way. Today I sent my last post to the NAWD Tumblr via (another post-NAWD media story) and cut that cord, changing it out for G+. sharing on free accounts is limited to just two social media accounts, not a problem until rss went south not long ago.

That is not the only harbinger of change. Twitterfeed, my primary syndication tool, announced that it is closing October 31. I have 56 feeds there. Most are active and syndicating to social media accounts. I'm looking and others. I can also transfer more sharing directly from Tumblrs and WordPress. neither Buffer nor free accounts have the capacity to hand. My solution will probably be a combination of making sure all are on my reader, performing syndication triage (consider it curation with extreme prejudice) and juggling what's left. Even so I may still need spring for a paid account. 

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I sincerely hope so....

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