Monday, July 5, 2010

EWU Notes & Updates

EWU's United Adjuncts will demonstrate again by the Michigan Avenue entrance and want to get a big crowd. We'll keep you posted. If you would like to support United Adjuncts by attending this demonstration, please contact  

In the meantime, UAFA (United Adjunct Faculty Association) urges all adjuncts with abrogated summer contracts to apply for unemployment compensation as soon as possible.  Bring the letter informing you that the University considered you no longer employed by the University to the unemployment office as proof that you have been laid off. More unemployment information is available on the NFM Unemployment Initiative web page

United Adjuncts are organizing with the Illinois NEA. Nevertheless, those concerned adjunct issues nationally have suggested that the AFT Convention now in session issue a statement censuring EWU for its labor practices ~ and discussed at length. Indeed, where is it written in stone that one higher ed union cannot go on public record disapproving of how an institution being organized by another higher ed union? If cross-union support is not S.O.P., it should be. The AAUP issued a statement (although I have not heard of further action such as official AAUP censure).

In the meantime, there is nothing to prevent adjunct groups and individuals from filing their own petitions and sending them to EWU, the appropriate regional accrediting association, the EWU Chancellor's Office, CAW (Coalition on the Academic Workforce), any higher education professional association you can think of, DoE / DoL, etc and so on.

You can also review EWU on Google - and elsewhere online... Yelp, Chicago City Search

For anyone so inclined who has a twitter account, I put out an petition (under my own name) at VanessaVaile/status/ 17745985705. RT (retweet) to sign and send @AFTconvention calling for censure. 

The mercifully bried text reads, "petition @AFTconvention to Censure East-West University,, NOW RT to sign #actly #EWU #adjunct"

PS ~ the San Francisco Chronicle's SF Gate is now covering East West University

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