Saturday, July 10, 2010

News and more news

News and more news: that makes today a news day... or a catch-up day. First comes the newsletter, News from New Faculty Majority, issue #2 emailed to members last week and promptly tweeted. Over here in this corner of the blogosphere, I was waiting for the archive url to blog and post to adjunct groups/lists. The shortened link is ~ please forward and share the link widely.

Issue #2 includes more about our Unemployment Compensation Initiative (UCI): updates and two articles. Jack Longmate explains the how and why (it's about equity for all of us) of filing. Hesitating about applying? Don't miss Steve Street's moving reflections. Board member Tracy Donhardt writes about taking it local by forming state and campus NFM chapters. My "Taking it Digital" column is making plans to run away from home and crash here.

In addition to previewing content, NFM President Maria Maisto's introduction touches on our recent letter condemning EWU administration and reminds those attending COCAL IX in Quebec, August 13-15, not to miss the NFM workshop Saturday afternoon. That's where NFM plans to introduce our dialogue on new, practical ways to effect change. 

Tomorrow is the Executive Committee Teleconference, full board and special guests welcome. Indubitably, COCAL, chapters, funding, promotion and heath care will be on the agenda. Contact Secretary Anne Wiegard for agenda details and further information regarding the teleconference or volunteering, Tracy Donhardt for details/questions on Chapter and Health Care projects. If you have questions, ideas, agenda items, etc and can't get a hold of anyone, send them to me to post here, but title your subject line appropriately.

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