Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to get to trust/cooperation…networks for #adjuncts & others

…that also include the subset urging solidarity driven groupthink as the only possible antidote to divisiveness, In this Whole Self Leadership article, Kate Griffiths explores what it takes to move from a place of fear to a place of trust by suggesting a five step process that allows cohesive communities to form....and asks "how do we build cohesive communities?" 

The first step is awareness – awareness of the fear and levels of toxicity in your environment.  This is huge because it comes when you have realization that the prevailing paradigm is not true.  It is built on myths like it is a tough world out there; that you won’t succeed unless you are better than your competition – to name just a couple of the unquestioned answers....
The second step could be learning how to be around the fear flooding your system.  It is about being able to see it as just one of the guests that come into your house and with time to be able to welcome it in.  It is not about fixing it just learning to accept it. 
The next is about self-trust and being compassionate towards yourself.  It is about taking Eric Berne’s message to heart that is seeing yourself as OK and others as OK.  It is at this point that you will start finding it easier to access your intuition and start to follow it... 
The next step is about building up a higher vibration because you are an energetic being and if you have been based in a toxic environment or a needy one where you have others clamoring for your attention then it is quite likely you will be emanating a low frequency.  One of the quickest ways to do this is to spend a few minutes each day considering what you are grateful for and seeing if you can get to ten things.  That may be a stretch to start with so go for three initially. 
Lastly it is important to discover what you are passionate about (what you care about most, what really matter to you)
More connections at John Kellden on networks ("In a network, the network is the innovation")....and then there is Stephen Downes on collaboration v cooperation:

How do you get from fear to trust? | Whole Self Leadership

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