Sunday, May 4, 2014

Links from the #KeithHoeller Collection, 2004-2010

…more recent ones are in the collection too but revisiting earlier articles seems in order. Some may be thinking of Keith's work just in terms of posts on the adj-l listserv, an occasional article and now his book, Equality for Contingent Faculty. There is actually a substantial body of work extending back 20 years or so.

Otherwise, too much is happening in the adjunctiverse to cover in depth right here and now. Besides, today is Sunday, and I already blogged two big, fat news aggregation posts, a Mayday wrap on #mobilize4equity and one on the still ongoing City College of San Francisco saga for COCAL Updates — feeds for both now on the page too. If that's not enough, a super guest post from Adjunct Justice's Ana M Fores (aka the better pay petition lady) is coming your way.

Elsewhere on the adjunct event horizon, Frank Reiser and the rest of the Nassau CC adjunct "old guard" had a reprieve and are still news. Expect letter writing reminders! New Mexico higher ed is in the news too: not UNM, the state flagship U or CNM, super-sized vo-tech turned community college (the largest in the state), but NNMCNorthern New Mexico College. Miranda Merklein, who teaches there and at will be blogging NM at Fugitive Faculty. It's on my list too, and a social media push is taking shape. Enough rambling…now for Keith Hoeller's links (which may become a permanent collection in the Reading Room)

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