Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Special: Sunday at the Movies Double Feature

…with apologies for missing last week and extras to make up. Some Sundays, selections (Matinee or otherwise) are educational; others, entertainment. Our Movies for Precarious Faculty playlist abounds in the former...but not for every weekend and certainly not for Halloween. Even so, entertainment features are selected, not without irony, for subtext and metaphors relevant to our condition.

Tonight, we have vampires and zombies: Nosferatu and The Night of the Living Dead ~ videos below the fold. Don't try to tell me you have not seen both in the academic workplace.

Plus Cthulhu for commuters: H.P. Lovecraft audio collections and more from Open Culture.


  1. Hey, check out "Political economy of vampires and zombies on occasional links & commentary

  2. Thanks ~ I found more links in Ruccio's post and included them in today's #Adjunct Notes post


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