Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday #adjunct notes—news links comments—whatever

…not in any particular order, not by importance, chronology, category or other ~ just as they flit by or come to mind. The operating idea is to turn out a quick update post. Morning would have been nice but we missed that window. Don't think of it as regular item either unless you see it appearing multiple days in a row. How hard can it be to snag a few from the morning flow to start the day with? Not pick, not select.

More than a hashtag, Marc Bousquet's #mlademocracy is now an organization with a url, a forum and a FAQ…taking memberships, inviting organizations to affiliate and offering badges. As much as the the MLA (and other organizations associated with higher education) might benefit from more democracy, the scope of this one may be limited. #mlatakeover seemed a more forthright tag.

Adjunctiverse reblogged Bryan Alexander's latest, "How to adjunctivize your university." It's on the blogrolls too. ICYMI here it is again. You won't like what it says but should not be surprised by it either. Halloween approaches: call it a #FridayFright4Faculty post ~ for adjunct and tenured alike.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness ~ a reminder about the call to comment on the legislation that controls PSLF, IBR, Direct Student Loans and more.  Federal Register page calling for comments on the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program is a good place to start. November 5 is the deadline for comments and documents ~ find more details and a submit button here
(ii) teaching as a full-time faculty member at a Tribal College or University as defined in section 1059c (b) of this title and other faculty teaching in high-needs subject areas or areas of shortage (including nurse faculty, foreign language faculty, and part-time faculty at community colleges), as determined by the Secretary.
National Adjunct Walkout Day  ~ Godot may not have arrived but the NAWD forum to discuss, plan, share walkout information has ~ just not very active yet. As of 5 pm MDT, there were 5 registered users, more visits. So go register. Reply to a forum topic. The first event t-shirt has already arrived. As for other numbers, the Facebook count is 1500+ but Twitter numbers for #NAWD and @NationalFaculty (119) are significantly lower than than might be expected from Facebook. Posts on both are more churning  ~ shares and RTs of mentions and many-time recycled links ~ than new content. The 'on dit' has it that several articles are in the works, including a CPFA (California Part-time Faculty Association) interview. It's also up to all of us to contribute content,

Just posted on Precarity Dispatches and with a call for submissions ~ Issue 14 of Lane Community College's The Community College Moment is out

...speaking of both journals and CPFA, the fall issue of the California Community College Journal is in the works and expected to appear next month. Take a look at the back issues in the archives and think about joining (membership includes journal and access to El chorro listserv). The print journal eventually goes online but you have wait for it (and hope someone remembers to post an announcement)

PS so which Friday graphic do you like best ~ Maxine on bullshit or birds and flowers?

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