Monday, January 18, 2016

#MLKDay2016 Digital #SocialJustice Memorial

the day online, in memorable social media memes, the dominant genre, articles, blog posts and videos. Tomorrow, let's all not go back to business as usual. Pay extra attention to the quotes and articles that make you uncomfortable or go against the grain of your personal ideology or world view. As Paul Thomas writes
One commitment is to resist the whitewashing of Martin Luther King Jr. as a passive radical. So here, I offer some readings, varied and important, but pathways to honoring the radical MLK and to resisting the lingering dream deferred.
This meme is a favorite because it resonates personally and on many levels:

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and many thoughtful articles and blog posts 

  • "Read this before co-opting Martin Luther King" by Jose Vilson

....and videos

This is just one of many, 

MLK's Dream of Economic Justice, Moyers & Company, 4/5/13

Plus, don't miss the Democracy Now video and transcript about the newly discovered 1964 MLK speech on civil rights, segregation & apartheid in South Africa. More videos on YouTube. Check Twitter and Facebook too.

Carry the richness of social justice stories, ideas, strategies, quotes, images etc. forward locally, nationally and globally. As David Zirin writes
It took a bullet on April 4, 1968, to end this fellowship between Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. For both men, it required losing the power of speech, whether in death or as a result of Parkinson’s disease, to be embraced by the country as a whole. 
At a time when a new movement is finding its feet to stand against police violence and stand for the deceptively simple request for people to see that #BlackLivesMatter, we would do well to remember the hatred endured by both these men in the name of delivering truth. 
At a time when this movement is attempting to forge connections with oppressed people across the globe, from Ferguson to Gaza, and trying to figure out how to deal with a frustrating president in the Oval Office as well as a class of civil-rights leaders reluctant to give up the microphone, it is worth remembering how much hate King and Ali proudly invited upon themselves. 
Their only moral compass was one that pointed toward standing with the powerless against the powerful. That was the basis of their friendship. That should be basis of our own solidarity as we move forward today.
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PS I'm working on a link bundle to bookmark for InoReader Social Justice collection but intend to work it throughout the day and post this sooner to avoid the "lost in drafts" syndrome.

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