Monday, January 25, 2016

#adjunct/ion series & other #PFNetwork collections + to #NAWD2 or not

…that's the short version for readers in a hurry. There's more but that hits the main points. I bolded them for your skimming convenience.

Tom Cunniff's Ultimate Social Media Diagram, 2008
For #adjunction series and other (but not all) "informationist" projects, I collect adjunct links that I bundle as an #adjunction series. Each bundle has a web page with a permalink. Here's the most recent link bundle page in the series: #adjunction Jan2016 #4, 17 links

Informationist projects: throughout 2015 I've been referring to this blog and the associated network as an independent information network. That is my focus...among other intentions.
In addition to adjunct issues, this informationist #NetWorker will cover education, learning, teaching, media, edtech, online courses, virtual connecting for conferences and workshops, labor, precarious labor, the economy, other social movements and social justice topics ~ plus whatever else interests me. 

Adjunct organizing and organizations will get covered but not exclusively or as much. Most groups now have strong, well supported media presences, strong signals less in need of amplifying. Adjunct digital presence has grown impressively since 2009 when I started all this. 

Here are a few more PrecariousFacultyNetwork collections:
Next I bookmark the links to Diigo and subscribe the feed to InoReader. That was how I created online public archives for National Adjunct Walkout Day, COCAL Updates and Campus Equity Week (CEW). One 2016 intention is to do and share more information projects with Diigo, InoReader and other apps.

I've got a year in review post in drafts and may get to that before the end of the month. Getting to a 2016 intentions post would be a plus. Don't make book on it though. The post does touch on a few briefly

Considering blogging, a post a week is not bad considering how thin on the ground this blog was last year. I felt bad about that but obviously not enough to blog more. Then I counted all the other posts. Posts on just my adjunct related blogs on Blogger, WP and Tumblr ~ no social media ~ came to 700+. And I just wrote about what else

National Adjunct Walkout Day and events tagged #NAWD counted for more blog and social media posts than any other topic in 2015. As for this year, there are some posts, mostly queries, on social media. CPFA and the San Diego adjunct faculty association are planning a single blowout National Adjunct Action Day. #NADA anyone? The hashtag at this point seems to be #nawd2, but that could change. The NAWD Facebook page posted a thread for people to post about plans and there's already a NAWD2 link page that includes a few 2015 overview links.

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