Monday, January 15, 2018

What's in our name?

Identifier, first impression, signage, brand, arbitrary label...just remember, not what they call you but what you answer to

It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to
via "From Human Factors to User Experience: What’s In A Name?" By Keith S. Karn, PhD. March 6, 2014

In case you haven't noticed the change of URL (and why should you, what with running silent for so long), an explanation might be in order. The name is the same, so is the basic url, but the domain name redirect url is gone. That url matched the blog name. I bought domain name to be diplomatic knowing a metaphoric kick in the shins is all it would get me. When time came to renew I didn't because money is too tight to spend on empty diplomacy.

What difference will it make? Depends. None, I hope. Any reader, whether angry, upset, confused or just curious, are welcome to come over here and comment or ask questions.

Over at the Precarious Faculty Facebook page, blog posts from here will still say "Precarious Faculty" in the title hotlink. The address underneath will read something else. I may need edit links on other platforms. Small potatoes. Besides, as far as the tubz are concerned, the numeric IP (Internet Protocol) address is all that matters no matter what we call a page, how often we change domain or page name. I'm also letting a multiple page website I've run since 2002 and its domain go dark rather than continue paying the monthly. That's behind me, this isn't.

But what difference will the change make for the blog? Maybe it will mark a new beginning, the fresh start blogging I hoped from the blog name and then the domain name change but didn't get. The disjunction is part of its history. Quite frankly, I'm still not sure what I want to do, just that I want my voice to ring true and don't want the blog to be the same as it was.

Michael Stipe quote: label are for canned food. I know what I am and I am what I am

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