Friday, January 26, 2018

Teach-in on #Adjunct Faculty, 4/20/2012 @GreenRiverCC

…moderated by #KeithHoeller and Kathryn Re…featuring Frank Cosco and Jack Longmate.

The teach-in addresses multiple inequities built into the two faculty system and possible solutions. 

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left to right: Frank Cosco, Keith Hoeller, Jack Longmate


  1. Wow! Every adjunct should watch this video. I'd heard references to the teach-in and a video but never found much on them. The teach-in didn't get local coverage. But why did Inside HigherEd and the Chronicle ignore it?

    1. Hi Anyjunct (great nic btw), welcome to precarious life and times (formerly precarious faculty). Thank you for the enthusiastic thumbs up. I shared it with Keith. Although I blogged the video here back when it came out to a good reception, higher ed and local media never picked it up.

      That takes me to your question. Keith used to get more coverage but a number of higher ed and academic labor groups are seriously down on him because he has criticized them, and have passed that disapproval to media and members.

    2. PS my apologies for not getting back to you sooner ~ I've gotten out of the (but do need the practice)


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