Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Times Higher Education magazine cover (14 August 2014)
…another weekly HE newsletter. It could be early but I don't see anything here on COCAL XI, which has already been covered in Australia by CASA,which suggests (to me at least) that #auscasuals & allies may be more truly global minded than THE.  More at random than on any schedule, I try to blog a variety of education newsletters ~ a rotating sampler. Education International (EI-IE, @eduint) is another. Several University Affairs/Affaires universitaires bloggers are already on the PF blogrolls ~ more about UA/AU (just subscribed to the email newsletter too). Recommendations invited... 

As for domestic mainstream #highered media, it's already covered. Most readers already follow IHE and CHE, multiple share story links all over social media. When I remember, IHE's weekly newsletter and podcast go either straight to Precarious Faculty-Facebook or there via Precarity Dispatches. CHE's Academe is email, no link for easy online blogging and sharing, although sometimes I will. 


The PhD experience: this far, and no further

Five students on how doctoral study changed them and their futures

National Student Survey: non-Russell Group universities lead in satisfaction stakes

Medium-sized research-intensives come out on top in this year’s NSS

Scottish independence essay winners

The two winning entries in our competition explore the arguments for and against independence and what it might mean for the academy

Clearing ‘scramble’ will be less severe, claim vice-chancellors

University chiefs forecast a lower level of activity despite 30,000 extra student places

Underemployed graduates ‘stay in stepping-stone jobs too long’

Graduates in non-graduate occupations - ‘gringos’ - are not hunting for roles that use their skills, say academics

Chaos and isolation: the injustice of suspension

Stuart Macdonald on the misery of being expelled from your university post

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