Thursday, August 28, 2014

Global #HigherEd Newsletters & Links

…a news and articles mixture with some academic labor, although not necessarily casual. Aside from CASA (ICYMI "A home online for casual, adjunct, sessional staff and their allies in Australian higher education"), O Canada (above), and a few others, resources on global casuals are less developed. Due to the combined influence of CASA, COCAL XI -- and perhaps even occasional posts on the topic here and on Precarity Dispatches, there's more interest in learning more about our counterparts in other countries. The National Mobilization for Equity steering committee expressed interest in developing  a "Global Contingency" (or something like that) page. I'm working on it. 

Last Thursday's blog post was the Times Higher Education newsletter; this morning, a Fneeq-CSN post on PF Network-Facebook. The coincidence, reminded me that THE, Guardian Higher Education, University Affairs, and Educational International newsletters had all arrived recently.

  • Education International (monthly) ~ no web edition and an email edition that does not reformat well as a blog post ~ read the news on the main page.

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