Saturday, September 20, 2014

❝@MLASubcon 2015 Vancouver BC…#adjunct/GS friendly MLA alternative/supplement

Please consider organizing a panel, or submitting an idea for a paper, collaborative research project, strategy session, or other contribution to the subconference ~ CFP online here and here.

2013 MLA Subconference Closing session, Chicago
There may be some funding for participants! (and if you can contribute 5 or 10 $$, that would really help someone attend who might not make it there without some travel funding!  Thanks to all.

The organizers of the MLA Subconference are committed to using a large portion of our funds to provide partial travel grants to participants and attendees who need the support. We have decided to make this an ongoing and expanding goal each year, and are currently working out the logistics.

More information on the MLA Subconference website, to be continually updated

MLA subconference | MLA subconference – Non-Negotiab...
Second-annual MLA Subconference Call for Papers Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre Joseph and Rosalie Segal Room Vancouver, BC January 7-8, 2015
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*In order to provide travel support we have launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo. If you know supportive faculty members or humanities departments that could contribute to the Subconference, please encourage them to do so here here: MLA Subcon 2015 Non-Negotiable Sites of Struggle

MLA Subcon 2015 Non-Negotiable Sites of Struggle
Help us accelerate the transformation of higher ed with the second MLA Subconference this January!
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via Joe Berry's COCAL Updates (by email subscription and publicly posted to H-Adjunct at the H-Net Commons and the CFHE Working Group on Yahoo Groups, originally posted to the adj-l listserv on behalf of the MLA Subconference by steering committee member Margaret Hanzimanolis <>

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