Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Matinee Sampler: #adjunct videos & music + @doctorow on computing

… short videos from the precarious faculty playlist on YouTube and Cory Doctorow on general computing issues relevant to anyone spending time on a personal computer or even just using computerized devices to read, listen to music, get directions, etc...if not now then someday soon.

Adjunct videos are selected with an eye to worthies that merit more eyeballs and reruns of oldies, seen by many but not recently. Bill Lipkin gave me the idea for this when he recently shared the first selection, unawares that it was not a new release, and then wondered how he missed it. Missing videos (and more) on the tubz is easy. Sunday Matinees are ideal for catching up with them, as we did with Barbara Wolf's A Simple Matter of Justice series.

What's it like being an adjunct college professor? Published by Professor Staff, January 30, 2014

and now for some music... remember this gem from the Colorado adjuncts?

"Who governs digital trust? The Coming Century of War Against Your Computer,Cory Doctorow on general computing issues such as privacy, access, who owns and controls your content

Doctorow frames the question this way: "Computers are everywhere. They are now something we put our whole bodies into---airplanes, cars---and something we put into our bodies---pacemakers, cochlear implants. They HAVE to be trustworthy." 
Sometimes humans are not so trustworthy, and programs may override you: "I can't let you do that, Dave." (Reference to the self-protective insane computer Hal in Kubrick's film "2001." That time the human was more trustworthy than the computer.) Who decides who can override whom? 
The core issues for Doctorow come down to Human Rights versus Property Rights, Lockdown versus Certainty, and Owners versus mere Users...More and available in audio too.
 See also Cory Doctorow on Aaron Swartz and hactivism

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