Wednesday, December 18, 2013

blog updates—new pages & other confusion mitigation

…#PFR, short for Precarious Faculty Rising, is taking shape as a network. Yesterday, I changed the look and name (again) ►. Today, I added About, PFR Network, Canada and Global pages, and consolidated NFM to a single tab by adding, not just the main website link, but also the whole kit and kaboodle—Facebook, Twitter, Foundation, LinkedIn, G+ Community—to the newsletter archives on this site.

◄This is what the New Faculty Majority websit and Facebook pages look like. That should help you tell us apart. If not, I don't know what would. The NFM network would also include several private Google groups, OPTFA/ @OhioPTFacAssn/ Campus Equity Week/ @CampusEquityWk as well as individual board members' (Matt Williams, Alan Valerick, Debra Leigh Scott, Ana M Fores) , Twitter streams and public Facebook pages. Although I did not list those, any comprehensive list of the NFM distributed networks should.

Nor are network discrete entities—don't confuse them with either information silos or closed communities. Networks share nodes and are interconnected with other networks. For example, the Campus Equity Week page would also be part of COCAL's distributed networks. All and yet more elsewhere in cyberspace—including this PFR network, are part of a much larger and growing adjunct/contingent faculty network.

Some of the new #PFR pages have more content than others: all, however, are works in progress. Ironically, Network lacks links. Global is the least furnished. Both COCAL and Program for Change tabs are links to their respective pages. I may add more.

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