Sunday, December 15, 2013

on recent #socialmedia changes…from @VanessaVaile—I’ve made changes in my network–most visible on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger—that may have you wondering what’s going on. Short version: New FacultyMajority ~ The National Coalition for Adjunct & Contingent Equity is going big time. You’ve seen the all the press – they are on their way to going truly national and reaching the public the way we’ve always dreamed of.  That means a professional Social Media Director is what they and the movement need now.   

I’m going indie, my choice and preferred mode. Of course, I’ll still be covering New Faculty Majority with all I’ve got, just like I always have, but now I’ll spend more time on other stories.  It’s been a great ride, and I’ll miss taking that final lap with them – just not enough to give up following my own path before it’s too late and I run out of time. We’ve had a good run, from the beginning until now. I expect and sincerely hope that we will still cooperate, share resources and continue working toward the same goals, just on different tracks, perhaps listening to different voices.   

Remember: all the content on my distributed network is open for them and you to use, share and share alike, just like it has always been.

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