Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24 Update: #Adjunct Notes in Brief

meandering overview reviewing news, viewsaka to-do list & notes on significant emerging topics before the day's digital information fire hose washes me away. I started to add "morning" to the description but stopped myself in time and a good thing too as it is not only past noon but into the evening. Morning is a good goal but I have to start earlier, ignore distractions.

The very first email I saw this morning was Keith Hoeller's adj-l listserv commentary on "Breaking News: NLRB Rules in Favor of All Contingent Faculty Unit Election at Seattle University" (via the Chronicle). The thread includes additional comments and links—with more to come in next post in Adjunct Links & Commentary from Keith Hoeller series

Notable posts

David Perry, @lollardfish, 1st Vitae Column, "Sharecroppers. Migrant Workers. Adjuncts?" I've been following his blog How did we get in this mess?:The Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues & Other Problems on rss and Twitter. PF needs a non-contingent (less precarious) faculty blogroll for the likes of David Perry, Jonathon Rees, Kate Bowles, Chris Newfield and others. So where on this overcrowded place do I put it?
TressieMC, "Another Post about Hashtags. No, Seriously" ~ just read it.
Adjunct Project March 31 post by Nathaniel C. Oliver, "Academia will result in revolution,"is still rolling on social media, gathering no moss but picking up comments and shares
Mary-Faith Cerasoli's OpEd, "All faculty deserve fair treatment" in Albany News-Union (New York's state capital, so should reach legislators), special thanks to Keith Hoeller.
Rebecca Schumann @PanKissesKafka, "Needs Improvement" (Slateon student evals. Check out the twitter thread on the article -- NOW
Laura Goldblatt's Full Stop post, A Specter Is Haunting Precarity, slammed yesterday by PKK but, like David Perry's article and others on the slavery comparison, makes an important point. I say that as neither graduate student or tenured faculty but someone who lived that low wage, precarious, manual labor life and the graduate student/adjunct one. PS Laura is also a member of the MLASubconference collective, of which I hope there will be more....and which also weighed in on the "Precaritweets" firestorm.

Today's To-do

  • make lists: this is one too...always, rarely 100% checked off...meh. But I'm planning another major blog shift/cyberspace destination shift when recent changes have settled in more: notifications, resetting feeds, and so forth. The process is not unlike planning a move.
  • social media churning -- post sharing, RT's and link harvesting/bookmarking
  • posts! need to be much higher on this list but at least this post counts as one. Others: the promised #LN14 guest post here, National Mobilization for Equity, Precarity Dispatches, #mobilize4equity ~ if not today (less likely as the day wanes), then tomorrow (another day)

PFR Network Notes

The recent blog "users tour" post is already out of date. Changes/additions include more moving things around and a feed for popular Precarity Dispatches. The inventory section on Precarious Faculty website (not to be confused with this blog or Facebook page) is due an update too. I've remodeled here and started two related, Daily Ed Notes and Precarious Faculty Voices, and a new pin board since the last update.

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