Sunday, April 27, 2014

#PrecariousFaculty Network Links (weekly)

Report of the Independent Inquiry Into Insecure Work In Australia.  Grant Hobson, a Melbourne based photographer and artist, was asked to produce a series of portraits of people in insecure work for this report:

"Making these images was an exercise in self reflection. These people are, in fact, me. Crippling housing and living costs are compounding the difficulty for artists and creative people to remain independent and productive in our society. Work is a fundamental expression of who people are. If employment in Australia is increasingly insecure, impermanent and dealt to us from the bottom of a deck then the implications are that we are all in for a rough time ahead. I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who graciously volunteered to be photographed as part of this project.Tags: pdf #PFR precarious workers

Some students are complaining about what they describe as a declining academic environment at William Peace University and they want the school president to resign. According to a letter, some, not all, faculty members might agree. The letter was originally intended to be sent anonymously to the school's board of trustees for fear of retaliation, but has since been made public. "We never know which faculty will remain, how many of our classes will be taught by adjunct professors," said Kennedy. "In addition to that, the small classroom sizes that they boast about don't exist." That's motivated Kennedy and others to collect more than 300 signatures to ask Townsley to immediately resign and apologize to students and staff. The students circulating the petition were cited for conduct code violations and could be suspended."  Tags: student protest NC

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