Monday, April 21, 2014

A user's tour of the #PFRNetwork's flagship

…blog—that would be right here & an exercise in the promised short post. I hope the tour will help you navigate this rather crowded, feature packed page

Next comes the guest post by MMStrikesBack on the recent Labor Notes Conference, an original meld of report and reflection. It's longer too but well worth the read...and now...

Welcome to the Tour

If you've been reading the blog in the email updates, on a feed reader or via social media redirect, you may have missed some of the extras—features added over time to make this a hang-out and one stop shop. As with any interior decorating, furniture gets moved, changed—new pieces added, old ones stored in the attic. color schemes changed (we're on the third on since 2009). So far, the basic layout stays the same:

  1. header with banner, scrolling Newsreel and page tabs (Home, About, PFR Network, COCAL, Program4Change, O Canada, Global, eMeet, Videos. If you are reading this on the blog, just raise your gaze higher up on the page
  2. main central column for posts, with a"Notices"text box at the top 
  3. left sidebar: image; share button with pull down menu; *PrecariousFacRising, adjunct blogroll (subscribed to 55, display 10 most recent posts), 2.0; Subscribe by rss; G+ Followers; Follow blog with Google Friend Connect 
  4. right sidebar: G+ button; subscribe to email notices; Facebook Like button and viewer; @precariousfac Twitter viewer and follow button; Archive
  5. bottom: link to rss feed; video links, Belly up to the #adjunct Video Bar

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