Monday, November 3, 2014

Movie break w/ HT to #Adjunct Walkout Day: Road to #NAWD

…Rio actually. I'm collecting "road" and "walking" themed material to blog as part The Crosby/Hope Road pictures came to mind. Our "adjunct road" series starts with Road to Rio (1947). A wicked Vail played by Gale Sondergard (also associated with Salt of the Earth) is the arch-villain. There will be more "Road to..." movies between now and February 25, 2015. As far as I can tell, there's no hidden adjunct allegory, cautionary tale or subtext. Just a road, as in "the road is made by walking."

Road/walking poetry and other literature is another area I want to collect and post material for National Walkout Day: Kerouac, Frost, Machado, Rousseau, Benjamin (and his flâneur) I don't know about you, but from now to late February is a long, long time for me to live (and blog) on movement rhetoric, exhortations to organize, calls to build community and bridges, etc. Those roads are made by walking and connecting with other walkers, in my case, digitally. 

Today's promenade across cyberspace included online "road building and repair" conversations (NAWD, PSLF, DoE comment submissions, Nassau adjuncts, Faculty Bill of Rights, and more) on various platforms, and blogging on the Tumblr section of the PF Networka call for submissions on Precarious Faculty and (newly resumed) COCAL Updates on Precarity Dispatches

Sunday Matinees that are not Matinees and may not even be on Sunday could become a tradition. This post isn't really on a Monday, but that's another story. Movies make a welcome break before getting back to more serious road making.

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