Friday, November 21, 2014

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I just finished watching Ivory Tower online but should watch it again when I am not multi-tasking. It's definitely on the recommended list. Yesterday, when CNN aired the documentary, my viewing plan was watching skimpy clips and reading reviews. I don't often wish for cable or TV: don't miss the latter; never had the former so can't really miss it. This morning David Millroy's post to the CPFA list about watching Ivory Tower sent me looking for longer clips. Lo and and ye shall find. Sometimes.

As for the rest of today (besides not taking all afternoon finishing and posting this), a PD "in the the News" on #HigherEd set up yesterday to have at the ready, awaits my attention. "News," being what it is, dates sitting in draft and will need updating ...the longer it waits, the more updating. 

Briefly noted and recommended, plus links to recent posts in the network

  • Education Bloggers Network. In case you hadn't noticed the Network for Public Education (NPE) links along with the NPE page, BATs and other K12 blogs added to the blogrolls, I've joined their ed blogger network. NPE and head ed blogger Jonathon Pelto want to involve higher ed bloggers. K-12, higher and other post secondary education are all connected on so many levels, at so many points and sharing so many issues. That's another post, a series of them. By networking, these ed bloggers are making a difference for public education by pushing back against privatization and blogging about it. We can learn from them ~ and should be working together. 
  • National Adjunct Walkout Day, hashtag #NAWD, 182 following @NationalAdjunct on Twitter, 2,354 on Facebook (where you are supposed to be yourself even if not everybody is) and with a discussion board where you don't have to be yourself but can be. Most of you already know this. So what's my point? If you've been qvetching about adjunct conditions, find a way to get on board and be part of the Day, whatever it may be. This is grassroots and free form. If enough of us do something on the same same, precarious faculty will be noticed. Nationally,
  • Petitions ~ a quick heads-up about two new petitions to sign and share: Lydia Snow's @TakeBackNEIU petition and one about PSC-CUNY contract negotiations. Fingers crossed: I may finally have worked out a livable-with way to manage petition notices and reminders. Supporting petitions is something we all can and should do. But there are so many. Who can keep track without reminders? Here's the plan: first, I save them to OneTab, bundle them and then arrange entries in the bundle to make a list to copy/paste in a post like Wednesday's #Petitions Round-up. That's also how I added the NAWD links to #BigRedA is for Adjunct
  • What I did not get to but hope to another time (remember what I wrote about not wanting this to take all afternoon?) ~ new bloggers on the blogrolls, sharing notable posts, plans for remodeling the network. In case you hadn't noticed, this page is getting crowded. Between Connected Courses and (mostly) +Laura Gibbs I've got a plan for that too. This network is not a course, but so what.
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More than 200 occupy Wheeler Hall at height of protest against tuition hikes | © The Daily Californian
Although I missed blogging here yesterday, I did blog on the PF Info Network. Please take note that I have swapped "Rising" for "Info" (a sop to the paranoid). I've been recording my blogging activity in daily posts over on Computers, Language, Writing as a workaround for a November blogging challenge and blog them here as well.

  • Joe Berry's COCAL Updates double header: Nov 18-19, 2014 - 11/20/2014
  • Daily Ed Notes, Thursday, November 20. 2014
  • Precarious Faculty Voices, November 20, 2014

  • I added the dailies to the list and will start bunching links to post to adj-l with COCAL Updates ~ plus other exercises in cross linking and platform crossing. Ino Reader is the key, and a plan maybe coming together.

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