Friday, November 14, 2014

Walk on over to #NAWD Event page

On Facebook and wondering how to join the Event page? Be pro-active. Go to the Adjunct Walkout page or and leave a message or pm on one of the pages asking for an invitation. Tweet a request to @AddieJunct or @NationalAdjunct ~ or a #NAWD tagged "invite me" shout out. Already invited (to the Walkout Event page on Facebook) and accepted? Then invite others ~ adjuncts and allies in your network. Tweet a #NAWD tag "will invite" notice. Invite friends directly from the Event page. Share the call to invite with other pages and groups. Let's do it! 

Event page host Debs V Eugene (dba @AddieJunct) meant to make this a public event page because a) it is a public event, and b) so we could share it with our networks and on other social media. We may not be able to change the settings, so it's up to all of us to pitch in. 

Not on Facebook? s'OK. There's Twitter and the National Adjunct Walkout Day discussion board too, with enough people on more than one to stay connected. No doubt a G+ page or Community and Event page are in the works too. Just keeping tagging everything. 

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