Saturday, July 28, 2012

Petition Junction... supersized

Check & click petitions listed belowDo you have an adjunct or highered petition? Send us the link to add to our list, plus adjunct heroes for a hat tip here too ~ 

Reinstate Fired Adjunct Professor Sissy Bradford is next on featured "pin to the top of the page" list: New Faculty Majority petitions Texas A&M University at San Antonio, presented by Matt Williams.

Adjunct Pay Petition, presented by Ana Maria Tamayo Fores, whose monumental persistence inspired me to start this project, current "pinned to the top" on our Facebook timeline. Currently at 1,867 signatures

Another equal pay for equal work  petition to Obama for part time college teachers. Petitioner Carol Jordan of California Part-Time Faculty Assoc. (CPFA, in CA CCs) writes, 
"Part time community college instructors earn, on average, 50 cents on the dollar compared to full timers. Moreover, we receive no benefits, no tenure, and no pension. We need pay equity NOW! That's why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama asking him to: Stop balancing college budgets on the backs of part time faculty. Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name.
Support forgiveness of student loans, presented by Robert Applebaum. There are also a number of other student loan petitions. Campaigns for student loan debt reform recommend signing all of them or as many as you can ~ separate posts on this issue to follow.

Tell Vice President Biden: Don't Blame Faculty for the High Cost of College; Most Are "Working Poor!" (a New Faculty Majority petition, yes it's still up)
The CREDO Current Actions list includes a student loan forgiveness (scroll to the bottom), probably not the one (I hope) you already signed. The list also includes a number of petitions worth your attention. Spend some of it CREDO is also on Facebook

Hat Tips to (adjunct) Heroes... 

  • Judy Olson for bridge building and tireless work on cooperative NFM/NEA project to pass NEA Action at 2012 RA formally requesting clarification of pesky "reasonable assurance"), now joined by AFT to for an official group letter to DoL signed by all three (NFN, NEA, AFT)
  • Jack Longmate for ongoing resistance to bullying by tenured bargaining unit colleagues at Olympic College and refusal to knuckle under to pressure
  • Robin Sowards, adjunct faculty, linguistics, at Duquesne University, for actions organizing adjuncts, patiently navigating resistance, shepherding the process through multiple NLRB review. We're waiting for board member and blog contributor Alan Trevithick's definitive article. In the meantime, follow Alan's coverage here.
  • Ross Borden, board member, for unsung (because allergic to social media) work on NFM research projects, the Unemployment Compensation Initiative, Student Loan Debt issues (which he and I hope will become a full fledged initiative) and many other projects.  You may not be able to find his footprint online (unless someone else makes it on his behalf), but he's there and making a difference.
Past hat tipped heroes (still heroic) include Josh Boldt, Sissy Bradford, Lee Bessette (whom we are rooting for to leave our ranks), among other usual suspects. Could this become another, separate feature with a subcategory for non/adjunct heroes? I'm thinking of supporters like Peter Brown, Pablo Eisenberg, Jonathon Rees, Karen Kelsky, Seth Kahn, Kate Bowles and others. Separate profiles would be neat but, until such time as I clone myself, not realistic. Until then, this would help fill the gap and express our appreciation. 

Nominations please... submit names with brief description, plus link/s if available.

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