Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reblog: Punching the Adjunct Time Card [+ a Call to Data!]

…by Irreveranting Professor (gr8 nic on so many levels!) who writes at the Adjunct Project
I’ve been inspired by Moneyball! At the time I saw the movie, which was last fall, I was a contingent teaching graduate statistics to counseling students. Right after I saw the movie, I was inspired to use it to help my students see the application of statistics in the “real world,” and even with counseling students using this movie worked!  They learned and were excited! Obviously, I wasn’t paid to take work to the movies or to take the movies to work, but the connections worked for the students. 
With [Josh's] recent blog tying Moneyball to the world of the contingent faculty member, I saw a whole new spin on the movie. 
Irreveranting wants to collect contingent/adjunct professor records, code and process them (anonymity guaranteed) to quantify all our teaching hours. Not only would this confirm shared narratives, informal anecdotes and suspicions but provide real data for advocacy, the kind that can't be blow off as "not counting." Interested in participating? Already have existing logs of your time and tasks? Email:

Read the rest of Punching the Adjunct Time Card.

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  1. The shear number of hours I spent on Blackboard would document prep/grading time. Probably so for others as well.


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