Monday, July 23, 2012

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Getting organized...
Demonstrators Protest The NATO Summit In ChicagoAccording to UK political activist Richard Seymour writing in The Guardian, Chicago teachers could strike a blow for organised labor globally. Although risky, a successful, a fight to halt school budget cuts in Democratic heartland would be a huge boost for unions.

"What was Behind the UESF Strike Vote?" An informative article by Andy Libson on recent strike vote and union election in the United Educators of SF (AFT/NEA). [JB notesThis is my old union and I was part of a similar caucus effort back in the the 1970s.) via La Voz de los Trabajadores.

Watch The U.S. in 2012: What's Class Got to Do with It? This valuable plenary session on You-tube from the How Class Works conference at SUNY Stonybrook last June features a round table discussion with Bill Fletcher, Juan Gonzalez, Bob Herbert, Frances Fox Piven, and Michael Zweig...full of lessons. Other sessions and conference papers are on the website 

Pittsburgh NTT and contingent conference, Countering Contingency, rescheduled for April 5-7, 2013. 
Part-time union at Columbia College, Chicago wins NLRB decision on failure to bargain in good faith by administration, also here 
NEA Today on recent action as NEA Presses for Adjunct Faculty Rights 
From Labor Notes, on organizing: aim the slingshot well 
Pasadena City College and union at impasse: overloads and large class premiums are key issues
go global...
Report on massive student and faculty and staff and general labor movement demonstrations in Chile in support of ongoing strike 
How Pearson Co. influences education policy globally, not just here  (yes, you have all received come-ons for their books and materialsbut also in the UK and other Anglophone countries
for profit watch...
For-profit Academy of Art University  faces whistleblower suits in San Francisco from for former recruiters who claim US government was defrauded of millions 
Fraud lawsuit against Virginia College (for-profit) for defrauding students
Note from July 17: Happy Woody Guthrie's 100th Birthday. We need his spirit and songs even more today. see NPR on his legacy and many other sites with commemorations. Just search "woody guthrie birthday"
An interesting discussion on the pension "crisis" at Talking Union
Latest post by Debra Leigh Scott on the Homeless Adjunct: questions students and parents should be asking administrators and admissions officers 
temp worker story from another segment of the contingent workforce, Labor Ready temps, Mother Jones  

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