Sunday, July 22, 2012

US recession's other victim: public universities

Buildings are seen on the campus of Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania July 11, 2012. REUTERS/Eric Thayer…according to Reuters, but didn't we already know it? So where's the beef? The real news in this story? It's not even news that Reuters overlooked adjuncts.  The source signals that the story is global, no longer higher education's dirty little house secret, covered up with short term measures like more adjuncts and higher tuition to cover the short fall without addressing structural and even deep foundation problems. The jig's up! Globally at that (and we're not alone either).

For generations, most college-bound Americans paid reasonable fees to attend publicly financed state universities. But the bedrock of that system is fracturing as cash-strapped states slash funding to these schools just as attendance has soared. Places like Ohio State, Penn State and the University of Michigan now receive less than 7 percent of their budgets from state appropriations.

As a result, public universities -- which historically have graduated the majority of U.S. college students -- are eliminating programs, raising tuition and accepting more out-of-state students, who typically pay significantly higher rates.

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